Welcome to Lincolnwood Toy Store

The toys represented by Wilbur’s Lincolnwood Toys have social, educational, and/or therapeutic value. Our developmental toys are well-built with safe materials. In many cases they are crafted from renewable or recyclable materials. After rubber trees have quit producing rubber, rather than being burned, the hardwood is used in toys. All wood is renewable and is a great material for construction toys, puzzles, doll houses, wooden vehicles, and play food. Bamboo, a rapidly growing grass, is used in many toys and games. Old newspapers are recycled into packaging and pencils, which are used in our craft kits for kids. Wilbur’s Lincolnwood Toys stocks Smencils, which are pencils made from recycled newspapers, and a gourmet scent is added.

The most important attribute of a toy is its playability. Is it appealing to children? Children must want to play with a toy before they can gain any benefit from the toy. When fathers and mothers play with their children, it strengthens parent-child relationships but also helps parents understand how their children learn and how play impacts their learning. Playmobil activity toys help reinforce learning about Egypt, Africa, dinosaurs, pirates, hospitals, vet clinics, Native-Americans, farms, schools, police, firemen, and others. Melissa and Doug toys provide reading and math readiness with their wooden stacking toys. Construction toys by Melissa and Doug (blocks), Tumble Tree Timbers (logs), and Automoblox (wooden vehicles) provide problem solving opportunities for children.

Calico Critters’ animal families help children pretend play home and school situations with doll houses, doll furniture, cars, and preschools. Wilbur’s Lincolnwood Toys is an Authorized Dealer of Calico Critters. Role playing and storytelling is enhanced by puppets from Melissa and Doug and Manhattan Toys. Social concepts are learned from Uglydolls; their quirky personalities described on their biographical sketches help us understand and accept each other. Children find beauty in Uglydolls; they can learn from Uglydolls that they don’t have to be perfect to be loved.

Art supplies and craft kits help children develop thinking skills and creativity;craft kits for kids are from Melissa and Doug, Chicken Socks, and Klutz. Fun science kits are also available and make great developmental toys.